Email Marketing

Edm marketing is the most profitable marketing action for 64% of decision makers. Its return on investment is always 3 times higher than that generated by social networks.

76% of Internet users have already purchased online after receiving a newsletter
The maturity of the current market, the implementation of increasingly strict anti-spam filters and the generalization of mobile marketing are forcing advertisers to create increasingly relevant and personalized branded content.



Targeting for better performance:

It is estimated that 77% of the ROI generated by emailing comes from well-targeted and personalized campaigns. The engagement of the recipient base is the determining factor of the success of a campaign. This is why it is necessary to segment your contacts according to all known information.

The growth of your email base also requires the implementation of subscription forms that respect the RGPD, i.e. a double opt-in registration procedure, offering clear and transparent information to your contacts.

If you send several types of messages, offer your subscribers to manage their sending preferences and to receive only the communications that interest them.


A specialized project manager available at each step

Campaign management involves several steps: maintaining the hygiene of the recipient base, integration of personalization and tracking elements, unsubscribe link, rendering tests, A/B tests, sending of proofs.

The implementation of well thought-out multi-channel campaigns, combining emailing and SMS marketing campaigns can be very effective.

The success of a campaign is largely based on deliverability, i.e. the arrival of your message in the inbox, without blocking or spamming. It is based on the reputation of the sender, the commitment of the base, the quality and frequency of the messages.


Take advantage of all available KPIs

The main performance indicators of an emailing campaign are the opening, click, reactivity, unsubscription and bounce rates.

The statistics related to the medium used (computer or mobile) should not be neglected. Technical and graphical optimizations may be necessary to satisfy the readers.

These data will allow us to develop the campaigns and make them more efficient. The subject, the time of sending, the location of the action buttons and the design of the message can be the subject of A/B tests whose results are easily quantifiable.


Did you know that welcome messages can get an open rate up to 4x higher than a classic campaign?

Automated emails, triggered by an event or a behavior of your contacts, generate very high conversion rates. This is why we recommend, in addition to your newsletters and classic email marketing campaigns, the implementation of automated campaigns.

This translates into the implementation of scenarios or workflows, with the sending of cyclical and personalized messages according to the information known about your contacts (date of registration, birthday or last purchase, pages viewed on your website). The data required to trigger the different stages of the scenario can be transmitted via an API or via regular exports.